In a quiet neighborhood in Maplewood, New Jersey, reside the Primordial Guardians™. Lore-Legendary, yet hidden from human knowledge, the Guardians have sworn to protect the innocent and keep the human realm safe from those who seek to control it.

There are only a few - a small handful, picked by their leader due to their unique attributes and fighting techniques. There are many enemies, yet only a few to control the war that has been waged on this realm. They have two choices: They must either keep fighting or risk losing the battle which could enslave them all for eternity.

They are the few. The elite. The legendary.




Following her father’s dying wish, Ally Stanford discovers that everything about her life is a lie. When she’s targeted by demons, she’s forced to entrust her life to the tall, dark warrior who seems intent on doing everything within his power to keep her safe.

After mourning the loss of his Fated female for over a century, Draven, a warrior within the lore-legendary Guardians, is astonished at the primal feelings Ally invokes in him. Her small, lithe body, brilliant blonde hair, and lavender eyes awaken something deep inside, something he thought he lost forever. Keeping her safe becomes his top priority, and he’s willing to do anything for her. But when the truth of her existence comes to the surface, will it bring them closer together or separate them for all eternity?


Nitro has spent centuries committing crimes and slaughtering countless. As a fire demon, her Instinct to create chaos has made her one of the most feared demons in existence—both in the Lore and by humans who have witnessed her wrath. When she’s hired to work with the Lore-legendary Guardians, her own curiosity draws her into their world.

But when she’s introduced to Raider, a vampire warrior within the Guardians, her conviction begins to fade.

Raider has mourned the loss of his wife and children for a century. Only his duty to the Guardians has kept him from hunting down the fire demons that murdered his family. His resolve diminishes when Nitro—a bitchy, all-around pain in the ass—joins the Guardians’ ranks. Can he learn to love a creature that may have been responsible for his family’s death, or will his pride stand in their way?


Imprisoned by the demonic warlord Ekhart, Garrick strives to make any escape possible from the Institute. When he spots a redheaded beauty with eyes of blazing blue, he can’t help but be captivated by the female prisoner. Even more than contemplating his escape, he is overcome with the desperate need to hear her voice and pleasured cries.

No longer able to stand experiments in the name of science, Danielle longs for the peace and serenity of death. When a new prisoner is thrown into the adjoining cell, she’s both scared and excited by his presence. He's handsome beyond compare and he shows compassion where she’s had none, but she's terrified of her own desperate need for human companionship.

Can a connection born of silence grow into a love that will stand the tests of time? Or will Garrick turn his back once he learns of the dark secret that lives within her?


Raine values strength and skill above all else, desiring nothing more than to make her father proud. But when she met a dark, seductive vampire at a tournament centuries ago, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, nor the feelings he invoked within her. Six centuries later, she’s forced to fight for her love again, and though they're battling against all odds, she won’t give in to those who would keep them apart.

After surviving a vicious battle with his twin brother, Ferox remembers nothing of his past and struggles to believe the details of the life he once had. It's only Raine's persistence and the love he sees in her eyes that he finally feels like he's getting some answers. When her life is threatened, Ferox will stop at nothing to reach his Valkyrie.