Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to writing

I took a little bit of time off of writing, but I think I'm back now. Not only am I going to continue working on Thrash's book, but I also have two new series that are starting to push around in my mind. So many thoughts swirling around that I hope I can keep up, and I hope I can do the characters proud.

It feels like an inspiring time right now. A friend from work has just had an amazing idea for a book, and I'm extremely excited for her to write it. It will be a winner for sure.

One of the new series that is popping around in my head will be dedicated to my mom. Although its not about her, I believe she is inspiring it right now. It will be pretty different from the Guardians series, although I do love Paranormal Romance.

This new series is about an angel, which my mom is now.

My other series idea is another Paranormal Romance, pretty excited about that one too.... hopefully I can give them equal attention - unless of course one pushes harder than the others, LOL.

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