Sunday, April 3, 2011


A few days ago, I made myself a goal. 10,000 words each week for the next seven weeks. It sounds like a lot, and really, it is. But I'm seriously hoping I can achieve it. As long as I can stay focused (which, let's face it, I've sucked at lately), I think I'll be able to easily achieve this for maybe three or four of the weeks. After that, I really think its going to be difficult.

Since I write the general idea of the book first, then go back and add in details (and wash, rinse, repeat) it becomes increasingly difficult to write that many words. Most of the time I can only pull something like that off when I need to write a brand new chapter, instead of reading through the existing stuff and adding more detail, or hell, even modifying the sucker.

I'm proud to say that I am a third of the way done with Raider's book (basing it on the size of Draven's), and am extremely excited with how it has turned out so far. My mind keeps wandering forward to future books, my boys are anxious to come out and play. It is keeping me really excited, but really I just need to focus on Raid.

I'm counting my weeks from Friday to Thursday, so right now I'm at over 3,000 words for my week. As long as I can keep myself motivated (and fight the sleepy-sleep that invades my life after work), I think I can reasonably beat this week's goal. I have four days to write 7,000 words.

Wish me luck!

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