Sunday, April 10, 2011


I failed to mention that I received my first rejection letter. I mailed a query to an agent in New York on a Monday night, only to have received a rejection letter one week and a day later. Honestly, I was surprised at the speedy response. Not really sure how my letter made it all the way to New York to have the agent read it, decide against it, and send a rejection letter that quickly - but it happened.

Anyhoo - I know there is a 95% rejection rate, so I really shouldn't be surprised. At this point, I'm thankful that the agent was considerate in sending me anything, since many don't respond in any way.

I just submitted another query to another agency, and am keeping my fingers crossed. Even though I'll likely be rejected again, I'll remain hopeful for now that someone will see the potential that my Guardians have to offer. They really are amazing, and I'd love the chance to keep unravelling their story.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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