Sunday, May 22, 2011

The waiting game

I am soooo not a fan of the waiting game. I submitted a query to an agent three and a half weeks ago, and I haven't received any type of a response. Not a 'hey, got your email, we'll read it as soon as possible,' really, I'd appreciate something so that I know it reached the right hands. I know that you're supposed to wait 6 weeks for a response, but who really has time for that? Agents don't like you submitting to someone else while you submit to them, but I really feel like the waiting game is complete crap.

So, I'm going to start researching other agents, or possibly publishers. I know there are some publishers out there who say its mandatory to go through an agent, but there are many others who don't. So, between projects I think I'll go ahead and start researching others to submit it to. Some authors submit to 5, 10, 15, or even 20 or more agents/publishers at a time, and I bet its those authors that get a deal sooner. I guess its time to play research-girl.


My favoritist grandma in the whole wide world has been itching to read Raider's book. I've held off from printing any of it for her for a while now,  but decided 'what the heck,' and printed some up for her last night. She absolutely loved Draven's book, so I couldn't withold Raider from her any longer. I think this will get me to get my butt in gear and finish his book (even though I'm almost constantly tempted to edit Draven's).

I decided to modify Draven's book as things come to me (which I've done a lot of the last few days), but to mainly focus on Raider. I'm proud to say that I'm about half way done with it, meaning that I've set a word goal for the book and I'm just a hair off from reaching the half-way point.

I bet grandma will have the 140 pages I gave her done really quick, and I'd better be ready to give her more.
Cue 'butt in gear.'

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Draven is winning

Alrighty then, Draven has captured my attention yet again. Apparently I didn't get some things quite right in his story with Ally, so he's helping me to fix it. Hopefully I can get the book to where the Guardians are happy (or as happy as they can be - some are just ornery asses... Honestly). As for Raider, he's actually being pretty patient. I guess he realizes that he'd rather have my full attention instead of partial.