Sunday, May 22, 2011


My favoritist grandma in the whole wide world has been itching to read Raider's book. I've held off from printing any of it for her for a while now,  but decided 'what the heck,' and printed some up for her last night. She absolutely loved Draven's book, so I couldn't withold Raider from her any longer. I think this will get me to get my butt in gear and finish his book (even though I'm almost constantly tempted to edit Draven's).

I decided to modify Draven's book as things come to me (which I've done a lot of the last few days), but to mainly focus on Raider. I'm proud to say that I'm about half way done with it, meaning that I've set a word goal for the book and I'm just a hair off from reaching the half-way point.

I bet grandma will have the 140 pages I gave her done really quick, and I'd better be ready to give her more.
Cue 'butt in gear.'

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