Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Considering E-Pubbing

As a member of the RWA, I frequently receive emails on different trainings, conferences, and even just regular chit-chat.

I got an email today, and it surprisingly went along with something I've been considering doing for a while. An author listed out her successes with E-publishing, listing the amount of E-Books she's sold since she uploaded them few months. Now, I know not everyone has the same experiences, but I was seriously shocked at how well her book was selling. So, I think I'll start researching freelance editors who would be interested in editing my 1st (and possibly 2nd) book. I figure that if I can't get my foot in the door with agents or publishers, then at least I can go down this road and get myself out there.

We'll see what happens. Like I said, I have a lot of research ahead of me, but hopefully you'll see my books on the shelves (er, virtual ones) soon!

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