Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time for a read-through

I am so close to finishing the 3rd Immortal Guardians novel that I can just taste it. Now that I'm this close, I think I'll go back to the beginning and re-read what I've written so far so that I can make any adjustments that are needed before I write the ending. I know there are a few other scenes I need to add in, and I want to make sure I get the timing right.

Guess I know what I'll be doing the next few nights after work. :o)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Trailer

I've decided to create a book trailer for Dark Seduction to try and get the word out more before it releases. Last night, I spent hours putting together ideas and now I'm trying to decide if I should just go ahead and dump money into it (to buy video and images for it) or if I should do some more homework. I know there are businesses that will create book trailers out there, but I'm not sure what the cost (or quality) would be. On the other hand, there are likely college students who need to get credit and would be willing to help a girl out if it could go in their portfolio.

So, not really sure what to do. I could keep working on it myself (it is kindof fun), but it will take away from my writing time.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's nice to be back

I went home last night and started writing. Since all of my characters have been giving me headaches the last few days, trying to get me to write their stories, I decided to just go with the flow and write what scene was pushing on me the most. I cranked out 2,000 words (not my best day, but certainly not my worst) and I'm so excited at how close I'm getting to completing the 3rd Immortal Guardians novel.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Get Cracking!

Now that my first book is well on its way to being published, I can't help but feel motivated. I worked on my 3rd novel a bit last night and the first book in my YA series has started pushing again. But neither of them are being as loud as Nitro. Nitro has apparently decided that I need to write a little bit more about her past and she's pushing really really hard right now for me to a certain part in the 2nd Immortal Guardians novel.

I set a goal for myself last week and didn't even come close to meeting it, so I'm setting another goal for this week and hope to not only meet it, but also make up for what I lacked last week. With any luck I'll have the 3rd novel done and ready for editing in no time!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dark Seduction Cover!

We're well on our way to releasing Draven's book. I've signed with Evernight Publishing and I'm so excited to share the cover for the first novel in the Immortal Guardians series, Dark Seduction.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New website!

Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm also building a brand new website. Check it out at

Let me know what you'd like to see!

I'm back

I'm really excited for this week. A publisher liked my first novel and I've signed a contract to have it published with them! I'm also planning to knock out a bunch of writing since I won't be able to hang out with my hubby, which also means that I should be able to write a whole lot. With the holiday season being upon us I've felt like a serious slacker, but I'm hoping that all of that will change this week. If I keep at it, I should be able to have this 3rd novel completed in no time.