Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little bit of background

So, here's a little bit of background on my wee little journey (so far).

I started writing my first novel in December of 2009. My working title since day one has been Dark Seduction. Its a Paranormal Romance set in modern day.

I started writing it because my imagination started running away with me one day. I couldn't get certain scenes out of my head. I would dream about them, both day and night. So, I sat down and started typing one day. Now, I didn't type up the entire outline from beginning to end; that's just not me. I typed as the story unfolded in my head. The characters were navigating ME.

So far, probably the most intense and detailed scene that went through my head has been...
Nope, sorry ladies and gents, it was not a (cough, cough) romance scene. Those are detailed enough, LOL.

The scene that literally just slapped me in the face is what I call 'The Ascension.' I was driving to work one day, and I had just bought a Muse CD. I got to track #9, and as soon as it started playing a scene unravelled in my head. Ever since, every single time I hear Exogenisis Symphony Part 1, the Ascension plays out. Probably the only exception to that is when I saw Muse in concert. They played that song and I was soooo overwhelmed that I may have started tearing up a little. (Love you Muse!!)

Anywhoo, I got off track. After starting my book way back in December of '09, I've gone back and forth on if I wanted to even continue writing. I had a few friends who have urged me to continue. But finally, after a few times of giving up, I knew I couldn't just ignore the story that was unfolding in my head.

I continued to type, sometimes ignoring it for a week at a time, sometimes writing every night after work, until I (thought I) completed it at 80,000 words.
Yay! Done!

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