Sunday, October 10, 2010

HAHA... Not!

Okay, okay. So I thought I was done at 80,000 words. Silly me, I keep going back and adding things in. "Oh, they need to know about this, and they need to know about that," (Yes, that was my brain).

My friends (and critique partners) are going to kill me...

Since I 'completed' my book, I've added over 20,000 more words. Scrambling to 'make it perfect' before the Romance Writers of America Conference, I just couldn't stop myself. But I must say, I'm glad I've gone through and added/edited more. The changes have made me happier, and I feel like it flows a bit better.

Well, honestly, I've found out that a book will never be 100% perfect.
Hopefully my friends won't really kill me, even though they don't have the most recent copy. :o)

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