Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Synopsis

Okay, so my book is 'completed.' (HA!)
I knew I was going to the RWA Conference and I had signed up to pitch to an agent. Well, that means I need to get everything ready for that pitch, right? Cue the Synopsis...

Wow, that sucker is hard to write. I researched online about the best ways to do it, and found some helpful sites. I tried it their way, and within a few days I gave up on their idea (because my 1-2 page synopsis ended up being 11 pages). I decided to go my own way. I closed my eyes and watched a fast-forwarded view of my novel and wrote down the parts I felt were the most important.

Anything involving the hero and heroine that were important to the storyline went into the synopsis. It was pretty quick to type it all up, but the darn thing was still too long. I had a friend from work critique it and we got it down to just the right size.

All I can say on that one is: follow your gut and type up the synopsis on things YOU feel are important to the storyline. They don't need to know that the grass was wet, or at that the sky was blue. They just need to know what's important to the storyline that would keep readers a-reading.

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