Friday, December 10, 2010

1st attempt: rejected

Alright, well its officially been long enough since I sent my synopsis and chapter examples to the agent. I can now say that she wasn't interested. One thing I do wish is that they would respond with a rejection of some sort. Instead, we authors have to wait the 6-8 weeks hoping for some sort of reply. Really, this may be a blessing right now anyway since I've been going through a hard time.

The biggest disaster that has ever happened in my life happened a little over a month ago, and my mind hasn't allowed me to concentrate on writing. Although the ideas won't stop running through my head, as soon as I sit down to type, my mind refuses to behave.

I am going to read through my book again (Draven is still pushing his weight around in my head) and see what I missed that he so desperately wants to me to add.

Currently, my sister has my book (I printed it out in book form), and I was planning on letting my other sister read it while she is out visiting for the holidays.

I could read it digitally, but I do LOVE to have the book in my hands -- that goes with any book -- so I think I'll try to read it really quick.

Anywhoo, I met another agent while I was at the writers conference in October. He is the agent for some of my favorite authors, so I'm hoping he'll like my book.

I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do. :o)

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