Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its all coming back to me now

So, I've been out of it for a while. Not feeling inspired whatsoever. I got the printed copy of my book back and decided to read through it to check for anything that needs to be changed. We'll, I've been making some editorial notes here and there, things I didn't catch before, and all the sudden I'm adding in new parts. Not much so far, but a couple new paragraphs here and there.

It feels good to actually feel a little inspired again, and its pretty fun to read my own work. I'm trying to look at it the same way I would any other book. Trying to pretend I'm not the one who wrote it, and I'm actually enjoying myself! It hasn't been on the backburner for THAT long, but yet I feel like I'm refreshed.

So, here I go again! I'm reading through the book, making changes, and hoping to become all-inspired again. Though sometimes I don't like being bombarded with the voices in my head, I must say that I've missed them the last few weeks. Although they're still in there, they're muted. A lot. But now that I'm reading it again, Draven's right here with me, being the bad-ass that he is, and he's telling me how to modify how things really went. Or maybe not modify, but... enhance my way of describing things.

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