Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here I go again

This weekend has been a productive one. Not that other recent days haven't been - I've actually stayed quite busy. I've made some new edits to my first novel in the Immortal Guardian series, and I've also been working on the 2nd one. On days I've felt more motivated by the other series, I've worked on that.

So, here I go again. I've typed up a new query letter for an agent that I met at the RWA Conference in October, and I'm mailing it to him tomorrow. I seriously hope that he likes my work as I think we would make a great team. He's actually represented a few of my absolute favorite authors, so it seems like it'd be a good fit.

I know it will probably take six weeks to hear back, but I'm hoping for good new a lot sooner. Wish me luck!

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