Thursday, September 15, 2011


E-books, E-books, E-books... Not quite as good as the real deal, but still pretty powerful.

I. Love. Books.

And I don't mean just any books, I mean actual printed-on-paper, flip through the pages books. I own very few E-books because I love the smell and feel of having an actual book in hand. But, that being said, after going back and forth on it for a few weeks, I finally decided to submit my first Immortal Guardians novel, Dark Seduction, to an e-publisher. I researched a lot of different companies and found one that I think is perfect. If they accept my submission (which I sent to them not even an hour ago), they would publish my novel in an E-book format. If that sells well and there is a demand for actual publication, then they offer that as well.

So, what did I send them you ask? Well, I sent them what is probably my 15th revision of my query letter, my 10th revision of my synopsis (hey, its hard to get the story of a 100,000 word book down to just a few pages...) and the first 3 chapters of my novel. I decided to send the prophecy that holds a spot right in the beginning of the book, before any of the story line comes into play. Okay, okay, I know its not the best idea to send "prologue" type stuff when querying, but I feel that the prophecy is really powerful, and I wanted whoever reads my submission to be drawn in by it. Warning: Tooting my own horn in three, two, one... The prophecy is pretty bad ass. Did I mention that it just came to me one day and I wrote it in, like, minutes? Hmm, maybe I'm related to the Fates or something. :o)

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  1. Yay Katalin! I hope all goes well with this submission. Thanks for emailing me and letting me know that you created this new blog, otherwise I'd still follow the old one. Let us know how the submission goes. My fingers are crossed for ya!