Thursday, January 24, 2013

Immortal Guardians Series Name Change

It's been an interesting week for me. Not only has my little baby been sick for a week, stressing me out beyond belief, but my husband and I have been sick as well, having different symptoms of that flu that's affecting the population. Oh, and I have tooth pain to boot - I'm pretty sure I'll be having a root canal shortly.

As stressful as those things have been, there was yet another thing that hit: I was informed that I could no longer use Immortal Guardians as my series name if I wanted to avoid problems. This came as quite a shock,  and was very heartbreaking especially considering that my boys have been the Immortal Guardians since I started writing about them in 2009. It doesn't feel right that someone can take it away from me, but it still happened anyway.

So, to my fans who know and love my Immortal Guardians, the series still lives on, it's just called "Primordial Guardians" instead. Dark Seduction, Passion Ignited, and Born of Silence are still available, they're just under the Primordial Guardians™ series name now.

Check back in a few days, I should (hopefully) have some fun news to share. :o)

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