Monday, July 8, 2013


For a while now, I've seen a lot of other authors talking about Scrivener. I've pretty much just sat back and waited for the pros and cons to come in, not really sure if I wanted to give it a try. But for the past few months, I just haven't really been able to get into writing. At times, my characters are persistent and I just can't get them out of my head - of course, that's always when I'm trying to catch some sleep in the middle of the night, if I'm on a drive or at the grocery store, or doing something else that I just can't drop and write. Whenever I free of some time to put my fingers to the keyboard, they're silent, or bickering about who I should write at the time.

In one of my WIP's, the characters are lobbing scenes at me, completely out of order, and I find that I spend more time trying to figure out where to put it, that it really just eats up my writing time.

Enter Scrivener.

From what I've heard/read, this program helps authors keep things in order, and organizes research, etc. so it's all in one place. So, I've decided to give it a try. I downloaded the Trial version, and will see if it really helps keeps things organized for me, since at the moment, my thoughts are everywhere at once.

So, wish me luck, I'm about to go through the tutorial, and then I'm going to try to get all of my jumbled thoughts into this program and see if it can help me make sense of it.

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