Monday, September 2, 2013

Contest Finalist? Yes way!

Okay, so I sort of forgot to post about some great news I found out a few days ago. A little while ago I decided to enter my current Highlander WIP in the Utah RWA's Heart of the West (HOW) writer's contest. I was really nervous to enter the book, but decided to give it a whirl anyway. Any time I get feedback on my books I get seriously nervous, so entering a contest is one of those nail-biting events for me.

I waited weeks, knowing the exact week that I would hear back on the contest. I twiddled my thumbs, checking my email every 2 minutes, or hoping that something would get leaked on the URWA loop. When I finally heard, I couldn't have been more shocked.

I'm a finalist in both the Paranormal category as well as in the Golden Pen for our chapter!

Needless to say, hearing this news has really kicked me into gear and I've since finished my first draft on that novel. I've just started into my first-round edits, and hope to publish this book before I hear if I won the contest in either category.

For info on other finalists, click here. A big congratulations to everyone!!

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