Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm going mad... Mad I tells ya!

Okay.... I just have to blog about it because all this pent up tension is just going to explode.

I entered the Heart of the West Writers Contest which I was supposed to hear if I did well/sucked by August 20th. Due to unforeseen issues with a few judges they weren't able to tell us who the finalists were. I've been in super lip- and nail-biting mode ever since.

So today, I got an email (because I'm in the URWA) and someone mentioned that they weren't a finalist.... How did they find out???!?!?! Also, my friend, who also entered the contest, got an email stating that she isn't either (which is crazy because her book is amazing)... Why don't I have any details on how I did or who the finalists are?

I'm going mad!

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