Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hey, it's "Make Your Own Lane on the Freeway" Day!

Yeah, it's been one of those days. It's only 6:30 AM and it's one of those days.
It's hard enough to get up before the crack of dawn the morning after Christmas and return to your regular work schedule for a few days, but it makes it that much worse when you already have an hour drive that gets extended by a half hour because of roads. Granted, it has been snowing, but not that much snow dropped over night. Despite that, I donned my scarf, and pulled on my snuggly new socks and boots and left the house in (more or less) a good mood.

Until I hit the freeway.

Not one lane was plowed. There was a set of tire tracks that it appeared everyone was using to drive on I-15, and I could tell from other tire tracks in the snow that others had dared take the lane less traveled. But, come on, I'm in Utah! Snow can happen at ANY time here, so why the crap weren't the plows out doing their job? Okay, okay, I didn't want to come to work today either, but if I had a job that meant people's safety, I'd wake my ass up and do my job without complaint. As it is, I sit at a computer all day, running reports and making sure all systems are "Go!" I can do that anywhere, and would very gladly do it all snuggled in bed if I were allowed to. But, funny enough, guess who was out on the road first...

So, after that almost hour-and-a-half drive, where I spent only some of my time driving within the limits of those two tire tracks, and occassionaly making my own lane along with some of the other dare-devils, I finally reached a point where the roads weren't snowy at all, only wet. The rest of the drive went pretty quick after that - at least we early-morning drivers could see the lanes!

So I pass by where I work, deciding that I deserve a coffee for my troubles (and because I know the building I work in will be Fa-reezing!) I stop in at McDonald's and order myself a medium caramel mocha. I should have known when I took the cup from the drive-thru lady and drove off that it felt light. Let's just say that I paid $3.50'ish for a medium caramel mocha and got this:

Nope, I didn't take one swig out of that before I took the picture. That is how McDonald's handed it to me. Can we say ripoff??

Even as I'm typing this, I've taken a few sips, and its gross. Maybe it's the fault of whoever made it, maybe it's how they're supposed to make it. Either way, I feel gypped. I'll return to my normal 7-11 coffee tomorrow, thank you very much.

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