Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wake up, lass. Ye dinna need any sleep.

To start off, no, I don't know why I gave my title a Scottish accent. I guess I was compelled to from the overly pushy Highlander currently running rampant in my brain. Anyhoo... on with the post.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people that could not only survive, but thrive on just a few hours of sleep every night. If I could, then I'd be able to give my characters the attention they deserve, without taking away from my family time.

Last night, I was lying in bed, minding my own business and probably snoring up a storm, when BAM! New. Story. Idea.

And a loud one at that.

It woke me up it was so loud, and I laid awake for at least an hour, even spoke the idea into my phone so I could go back to it later, and rolled over onto my tummy and tried to catch some zzz's. (Ha-ha-ha...)

Yes, I'm already trying to keep my Guardians as happy as I possibly can, and I'm trying to give some TLC to my Highlander, but now... oh jeez ... now, there's a new Alpha in play and he's making life inside my head a freaking whirlwind. It's 6:30 at night and I haven't been able to get this new guy out of my head. He has a story to tell, and a heroine to claim.

So, hey... now I guess I get to try to appease all my characters, and push the not-so-pushy ones off for another time (despite the fact that they've been waiting months, if not years, for me to tell their stories).

All I can do is shrug and be grateful that they've selected me to write their tales.

Nighty night all, I'm going into my writing cave.

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